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The aim of Dublin Canvas is to add colour to the city and surrounding areas helping to make County Dublin a more beautiful place to live, work and visit. Dublin Canvas is constantly developing and trying to figure out the best way to make this happen. Please send us your thoughts and ideas and help us to add more colour to the city!


Note that there a limited response to messages during Winter months.


Before messaging, please read FAQ section below. Any enquires already covered within will not be replied too. 




Why get involved with Dublin Canvas?

Dublin is a very beautiful, however, sometimes and in certain areas the city can do with a helping hand. By participating in the project, you can transform the selected boxes into works of art, helping to brighten up the city. By their very nature the boxes are located at traffic junctions making them highly visible to pedestrians, cyclist and motorists.


Who can get involved?

The project is open to anyone over the age of 18. If you can pick up a brush and paint, we want you to submit an entry. All you need to do is submit an idea and if selected be willing to give up the amount of time it will take you to paint the box.

What are traffic light control boxes?

Traffic light control boxes are large grey metal boxes used to house the electrical components that coordinate the traffic light sequence. They are visible at most junctions throughout Dublin.



Dublin Canvas is asking for members of the public that are interested in the project to volunteer their time and talent to help brighten up the Dublin. In saying we believe it should not cost participants anything more than time. There are two options available to help cover costs. Option one is that Dublin Canvas will supply all materials (paints, brushes, PPE etc.) in a portable pack, plus a payment of €150 to cover travel expenses/food/caffeine for the day. Or option two, a payment of €200 and participants supply their own materials. For the second option, the materials used would have to be

pre-approved by Dublin Canvas. This will ensure all painted boxes will remain vibrant for the duration of the project. Please indicate on submission which option you would prefer.

Artists may submit multiple entries. 


Depending on the location of the unit, all artwork is planned to stay on each box for between 1-3 years. However, Dublin Canvas reserves the right to paint over any box at any time without prior notice.


The quality is up to you. Have a look at our Instagram, Facebook and gallery section for inspiration. There are some restrictions as outlined above but we encourage you to be as creative as possible.


The safety of participants and the public is paramount to Dublin Canvas. Full PPE (personal protection equipment) will be provided but due caution will be needed when painting each box.


What will be the Selection Process?
Each box will be awarded on quality and creativity of design. The judging panel will be made up of Council representatives. All entrants will be notified either way if a submission is accepted or rejected.


English is not my native language; can I still enter without accompanying text submissions?
We are aware that English may not be the native language of some of the artists that enter. Accordingly, we are not looking for an essay for each description. A brief description of 40 words or less will suffice. All profiles will then be promoted on the website and social media. The more information supplied the better the profile will look.


What format should submissions be sent in?
Artwork should preferably be in Jpeg format or PDF and emailed to


Hints and tips
PPE will be provided but participants should constantly be aware of their surroundings. The selected boxes are all in high footfall areas, the public will stop and ask about the project and for directions. It's Ireland, at some stage it's probably going to rain.  Make sure to dress accordingly and that all your materials can be put away quickly in case of a sudden downpour. Obviously, the units are static, you will have to be able to move around so keep this in mind whilst designing your artwork.

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