Artist: Tim Dalton 


Artwork Title: ‘Octopus in a Sardine Can’ 


Artwork Location: Watermill Avenue, Clontarf Road, Dublin 3


Artwork Description: ‘Octopus in a Sardine Can’ is a cartoon-esque illustration which utilises the vertical shape of the Traffic light control boxes and turns it into an opened sardine can. To add a little additional humour, and vibrant colour to the piece, I’ve illustrated an escaping octopus in the place of sardines. The tentacles will wrap around all 4 sides of the box, adding splashes of orange colour over the blue-grey background colours of the can. 


Biography: I am the graphic designer to a major political party for over 12 years. I have previously worked as a graphic designer in both newspaper and magazine production and design. I have a degree in fine art painting and a background in animation but seldom find an opportunity to paint or draw. In my normal work, I produce everything from letterheads and business cards to canvassing materials and newsletters for TD’s and Senators.


Contact Artist: Not supplied.


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