Artist: Siofra Murdock


Artwork Title: ‘Urban Jungle’

Artwork Location: Camden Street, Dublin 2

Artwork Description: This artwork brings the life of a wild tropical vegetation to our urban streets.  Using drawings made on my visits to the Botanical Gardens in Glasnevin this work is a marriage of different plants and organisms to create an imagined natural landscape for the urban environment.  Bringing that sense of heat and humidity through colour and shape to create a playful and dramatic piece of street art for our often grey Dublin.


Biography: I am a fine artist specialising in the area of oil painting, my activities as an artist revolve around the observation and recording of the different terrains I am interested in.  I radically change the context in which we see the landscape by manipulating colour, scale and technique. I focus on changing the organic narrative of the painting by disrupting the viewers’ preconceived ideas on landscape art.


Contact artist:   IG: sioframurdock/

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