Artist: Sheila Flaherty


Artwork Title: ‘Art inspires the World’


Artwork Location: Harold’s Cross Road/Parkview, Dublin 6


Artwork Description: This piece is inspired by a recent trip to Rome. Dublin is a very beautiful city and what better inspiration than the Eternal City’s old Masters to compliment the Old Masters collection in the National Gallery. 


Biography: I am a 34-year-old art teacher living and working in Dublin City. I am continually inspired by the city, my surroundings, experiences, travels, interactions with people and rural childhood upbringing. Art has been a lifelong gift for me and I am excited to participate in Dublin Canvas and contribute to my second home (Dublin City) by sharing art. 


Contact Artist: FB: artacademyireland/


Additional Dublin Canvas artwork completed by artist:  


'The Danger was Half the Excitement' by Sheila Flaherty 


Caveat! Below photos were taken when artwork was 70-80% complete. Unfortunately 3 days after this beautiful piece was completed it was destroyed by person (s) unknown.  No photos were taken of fully completed box.


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