Artist: Shane Ha


Artwork Title: 'Electric Riding Hood'


Artwork Location: Poplar Row/Anmesley Street, Dublin 3


Artwork Description: I really wanted to to create an image to use and manipulate the shape of the box into something fun! The hood of this girls jacket complements the side and top panels, so with her hands holding the edges it looks like she's really all wrapped up inside it. 


Biography: I'm an Irish born illustrator and painter. Since studying in England I have worked on murals for all sorts of spaces including offices to double-decker busses! I also design books and logos for a wide range of clients.


Contact Artist: IG:@shane_ha  

Additional Dublin Canvas artwork completed by artist:

'Deep Forest' by Shane Ha (2018)

'Disco Tree' by Shane Ha (2017)

'Ice Cream Sunset' by Shane Ha (2018)


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