Artist: Shalom Chiaverini

Artwork Title: ‘Música on the Box'

Artwork Location: Camden Street, Dublin 2

Artwork Description: The artwork I created for the panels is based in 2 portrait pictures, Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton. Using a hand cut stencil technique with a mosaic and triangle pattern.

The inspiration comes from the music that plays in the streets. From all the people listening music on their phones, jobs and the street musicians. This is for everybody  who have the music as a big part of their lives


Biography: I'm a self tough artist originally from Curitiba Brazil currently living in Ireland. Since 2011 I have been devoting all my time to street art, going to different techniques and styles. With a few projects and workshops in Brazil and around Europe.


Contact Artist:   FB: lachiavepage   IG: la.chiave/


Additional Dublin Canvas artwork completed by artist:


'Box Blues' by Shalom Chiaverini

'Summer Tales' by Shalom Chiaverini​

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