Artist Name: Sarah Grogan

Artwork Title: ‘Two For Joy’

Artwork Location: Wexford Street/Camden, Dublin 2

Artwork Description: The piece draws inspiration from Irish superstitions surrounding magpies and the rhyme about them "One for sorrow, two for joy...". I myself have a slight obsession with counting magpies and particularly finding pairs of them as I believe them to be a good luck charm ie. two for joy. The piece takes the form of a playing card, the two of hearts, showing the connection between joy and love. I would like for my piece to serve as some good luck to the superstitious people of Dublin.

Biography: I am a Dublin based graphic designer with a huge interest in all things creative and particularly in street art. I have closely followed this project since the Beta Project days & this is the first time I've been brave enough to enter.

Contact Artist: IG: thesecondmagpie/

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