Artist: Sarah Bracken


Artwork Title: ‘Looking at the Stars’


Artwork Location: Merrion Square West, Dublin 2


Artwork Description: It is a portrait of Oscar Wilde done in the style of an old tarot card. It is hand drawn here and coloured in digitally, this would be coloured by hand in paint on the box, giving it a more painterly feel than show in this sketch. It is the depiction of one of Wilde'd most famous quotes "We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars." Showing the gutter under Wilde's chair and the stars above his head. The ideal locations would be either of the two boxes near Wilde's house on Merrion Square.


Biography: My name is Sarah Bracken and I'm an artist and designer based in Dublin. I have a degree in fine art and am currently completing a master’s degree in art and design education at the National College of Art and Design. In my art practice, I work project to project, in print, animation, drawing, interactive art installations and embroidery. This year I was part of two exhibitions at Science Gallery Dublin and was commissioned to make an animation for children's art centre The Ark. I founded my publishing company Baby BEEF independent art press in 2006 and have exhibited my artist books and zines around the world. My "Letterbox Dublin" interactive art project has been featured in many publications and on Sky Atlantic Show "Urban Secrets". I run a small craft business called Rosie's Rags, where I sell embroidery kits online and to selected boutiques. In 2011 I founded the Dublin Zine Fair to support, promote and celebrate DIY publishing, independent press, artist books and zines.


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