Artist: Samuel Arnold


Artwork Title: ‘Dublin Lyric Lick’


Artwork Location: Imaal Rd/Cabra Road, Cabra, Dublin 7. 


Artwork Description: I am part of the contemporary Irish music scene, particularly strong in Dublin. I have many friends and acquaintances that are musicians in bands or solo acts, writing some truly brilliant music. I have, since releasing my own music, done a lot of artwork to accompany songs. I have particularly enjoyed the process of using lyrics and illustrating them in fun and interesting ways, giving another angle to absorb the song or part of a song- through illustration in prints and .gifs. It is my idea to use some lyrics from Dublin musicians such as myself onto these painted Dublin street boxes. After living abroad, I am deeply aware of the richness of the music scene in Dublin. Visual art is perhaps the finest way of portraying this bringin it to the public eye.


Biography: Not Supplied


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