Artist: Ruth Campo

Artwork Title: ‘You're Growing on me’

Artwork Location: Leeson Street/Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2


Artwork Description: You’re growing on me, it’s a playful piece about love and nature, how two lovers are both connected by the same root.


Biography: My name is Ruth Campo and I consider myself an Artist since I was a

little girl. I always add a creative touch to everything that I do and not just when I am drawing. As an artist, I work with different mediums such as handmade domestic pottery, photography, drawing and Audio-visual media. I study in Dublin: At Block T and NCAD. In 2015, I finished Drawing and Visual Investigation at the National College of Art and currently I am doing the Diploma in Art and Design, I also has the certification in AutoCad for 2 and 3 Dimensions. I like to mix all different materials, recycling materials, clay, wax, I use watercolours, ink, acrylics, depending on the interpretation of the final piece I think about the materials needed.


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