Artist: Rebecca Deegan


Artwork Title: ‘Balloon 'neath the Moon’

Artwork Location: Sandymount Strand, Dublin 4

Artwork Description: The design for my box takes inspiration from Richard Crosbie's 1785 hot air balloon flight from Ranelagh Gardens to Clontarf, and the Chelsea Flower Show which is also held in Ranelagh Gardens. The image depicts a fleet of brightly coloured hot air balloons contrasting against the night sky. The main balloon portrays a woman with long swirling hair, intertwining with the leaves and tendrils of the flowers.


Biography: I am an artist/painter from Laois. Using strong light and a restricted colour palette, I aspire to create atmospheric pieces inspired by the human face and figure


Contact Artist:  FB: rebeccadeeganartist  FB: spookywookyphotos

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