Artist: Rachel Maher


Artwork Title: 'Soulsun


Artwork Location: Butterfild Avenue, Rathtarham, Dublin 14


Artwork Description: Soulsun is a design I created in order to introduce some brightness into what can be analready dreary city (weather wise). I am a massive fan of Damien Dempsey and I named both of these designs after one of his songs. It’s about feeling good in yourself using your surroundings to help yourself feel brighter. As I write this, today is a dreary miserable day in Dublin city. I wanted to design something bold and eye catching. Something that will stand

out against the sometimes grey background of the environment.


Biography: I have lived in Palmerstown almost 21 years. I have been commissioned over the years to do artwork and murals and I have a good following in Palmerstown and am well known for my artistic abilities. I was artistic from a very young age, but it became apparent that I was colour-blind as a young child. Which I never allowed to get in the way of my creative ability. I have a proton deficiency, which means I have trouble distinguishing red and green and some other colours. But I have learnt to deal with this disability and I think it makes my art all the more special, because I don’t see things how everyone else does! I use art as a form of meditation/therapy and I also love to share my art with others who I feel may need cheering up or are suffering with their mental health. Art is a window into the soul and it can change the mood of a person. So I enjoy creating really vibrant, loud, colourful and intricate designs, instilling joy and happiness in others. I am certainly not shy about the use of using bright colours, creating bold compositions. I create dazzling designs that would contrast with the grey Dublin sky and brighten the streets of Palmerstown.


Contact Artist: IG: racheyartycrafty

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'Leave it in the Past' by Rachel Maher (2018) 

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