Artist: Pradeep Mahadeshwar


Artwork Title: 'The Faces'

Artwork Location: Merrion Road, Merrion, Dublin 4 


Artwork Description: "The Faces" is about my interaction with Dublin. I came to Dublin in 2012. Since then I am witnessing changing social landscape of Dublin by interacting with people from different walks of life. The city is becoming more diverse each passing day. The inclusive energy of this town is facinating. As a member of LGBTQ community, I found Dublin is very accepting welcoming. "The Faces" is gratitude towards all those people who came to my life and help me to make my ground in this city. 


Biography: Pradeep Mahadeshwar. Born in Mumbai, India. Pradeep is a visual artist and printmaker. He studied MA Fine Arts at New Bucks Universty, UK. He did solo and group shows in Mumbai and London. Pradeep is living in Dublin for last 6 years and works as a visual designer at Groupon International, Dublin. 


Contact Artist: IG: instapradeepdublin/

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