Artist: L.U.A.S

Artwork Title: 'Funfair Carnival Box'


Artwork Location: Spencer Dock, Dublin 1


Artwork Description: My Idea comes from the E.S.B box that I painted here in Bedford Row, Limerick city last year for city of culture. It’s an extension onto that idea so it's funfair themed based on 'the claw' games at funfairs/carnivals that we all played as children, so it will be very bright and colourful and fun to look at especially if you’re a child. I've included some photos of the Limerick box I painted and also some photos from where I got the idea for the box as it could have coloured balls, cuddly toys, sweets ,prizes


Biography:  From Limerick, I go under the artist name L.U.A.S which is an acronym for. (Limerick Urban Art Stencil) I've painted at the 'Make a Move' hip hop/urban art festival here in Limerick for the past 3 years. I'm a hand cut stencil artist but I also paint free hand. I’d all started for me 4 years ago after I watched a street art documentary called 'Exit through the gift shop' and it has been a passion ever since. I’m currently studying Art & Design here in Limerick.


Contact Artist:  FB: Luas-Urban-Art

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