Artist: Patrick Molloy

Artwork Title: ‘Look Right’

Artwork Location: Mountjoy Square/Gardiner Street, Dublin 1

Artwork Description: ‘Look Right’ is a celebration of Local Authority and National Roads Authority ‘Industrial Graffiti’ in the form of Road Markings. It is also a visual reminder to pedestrians and other pavement users of the road markings that are there for their safety. I would like to paint my proposal adjacent to a pedestrian crossing with a ‘Look Right’ road marking.

Biography: I am a graduate of the National College of Art & Design and of the University of Limerick. My current work explores the optical effects of rendered textures, tones and colours of industrial intervention in the city and suburban landscape; in particular the intervention on roads and pavements of utilitarian mark-making. I have chosen the square format presentation and in using acrylics or more recently, wool rug art, I explore the proportioned shapes and textures within the square. I abstract the textures and layers of perceived depth underlying the found utilitarian graphic interventions

Contact Artist: IG: patrickmolloyart/


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