Artist: Niamh Ní Bhroin


Artwork Title: 'Parklife'


Artwork Location: Sean Heuston Bridge, Dublin 1 


Artwork Description: What I have aspired to achieve with this image is to reflect the ‘harmonious’ relationship between the hectic everyday comings and goings of city life and the flourishing urban wildlife. I would like to paint this artwork in an area of much activity in order to mirror the message of the painting. I have designed the illustration so that it can be intended for three or four-sided box.


Biography: I am an Irish graphic artist from Greystones, Wicklow living in Dublin. I received a degree in Graphic Design from University of Creative Arts, London. While I work in the city in a graphic design studio, much of my spare time is spent practising illustration. I have participated home markets in which I managed to sell a number of calendars, posters and illustrated shop fronts of my hometown, including images of various pubs in Dublin City. Recently, I had the opportunity to illustrate posters for an event in the Sugar Club, Leeson Street.


Contact Artist: IG - nivnivrin FB: /nivnivrin

Additional Dublin Canvas artwork completed by artist:

'City Wildlife' by Niamh Ní Bhroin

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