Artist: Niamh Coffey


Artwork Title: 'Tongue Tied'


Artwork Location: Synotts Place/Dorset Street Dublin 1


Artwork Description: A silly (tongue-in-cheek) depiction of love and relationships and queerness and the recent marriage referendum. With a visceral element intended to make the viewer squirm, I want to make the viewer to be pushed out of a daydreamy stroll into a physical reaction, making them more conscious of their presence and surroundings in the city.


Biography: I am a recent NCAD sculpture graduate and member of Ormond Studios. Working through drawing and sculpture, my practice creates new narratives, myths and hyperboles to challenge those already in existence. My work combines animal imagery, surrealist elements and a haptic approach to form nonsensical displays of intimacy and symbiotism.


Contact Artist:   IG:/niamhnomilktwosugars/


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