Artist: Nessa Finnegan

Artwork Title: 'On The Other Hand'

Artwork Location: Finglas Village,Jamestown Road/Mc Kee Avenue Junction, Dublin 11

Artwork Description: On The Other Hand is inspired by the art of debate and conversation. It draws on the Irish peoples passion for spinning a story, creating the argument and hearing all sides of a tale with equal measure. Culturally, politically and socially the institution of conversing is alive and well in Ireland. With text in Irish and English, this piece reflects both past and present. Acting as a beacon of our oratorical heritage and passion for equality and fairness that the Irish people are proud to share throughout its lands and indeed beyond. 


Biography: Nessa Finnegan is an Irish artist based in MART studios, Dublin. Nessa specialises in drawing from commercial imagery and text to supplant socio-political material within her work using a diverse range of means including illustration, printmaking and sculpture. 


Contact Artist:  TW@NessaFinnegan  IG:@nessafinnegan  TB

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