Artist: Maureen Kelly-Fox

Artwork Title: ‘The Butterfly Effect’

Artwork Location: Newcastle Rd, Finnstown, Lucan, Co. Dublin

Artwork Description: Inspired by the scientific theory The Buttterfly Effect, this image reflects on how small changes (such as the flapping of wings by a butterfly) can lead to large scale changes over time and can change the course of the universe. Global warning affects us all. Ice sheets are melting, weather patterns are changing causing droughts, flooding, hurricanes etc, greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow, and sea levels are rising. If everyone makes a small effort to address global warming at local level – the cumulative effect can cause a tidal wave of change, leading to positive transformation.


Biography: I am a graphic designer originally from Galway but living in Lucan for the over 20 years. I have worked many years as both a freelance designer and an inhouse designer, but in recent times have been focusing on raising my family.

I specialise in print design – posters, book design, computer illustrations, as well as photo retouching and Powerpoint illustrations. I am also very passionate about gardening and nature.


Contact Artist: IG: maureenkellyfox/

Additional Dublin Canvas artwork completed by artist:

'Herbitage' by Maureen Kelly-Fox (2018)

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