Artist: Maureen Kelly-Fox

Artwork Title: ‘Herbitage’

Artwork Location: Ballydowd, Lucan, Co. Dublin

Artwork Description: This box is situated at the entrance to Hermitage Road so as my design is based on plant imagery, I chose the title ‘Herbitage’ to merge both concepts. Lucan has seen many changes over the years - where once were green fields, now stands sprawling housing estates. My image reflects back to the vegetation that grew here for many years -  blossoms, wildflowers and weeds, natural vegetation that populated our fields and roadsides not so long ago. They remind us of the rural village that Lucan used to be.


Biography: I am a graphic designer originally from Galway but living in Lucan for the over 20 years. I have worked many years as both a freelance designer and an inhouse designer, but in recent times have been focusing on raising my family. I specialise in print design – posters, book design, computer illustrations, as well as photo retouching and Powerpoint illustrations. I am also very passionate about gardening and nature.


Contact Artist: IG: maureenkellyfox/

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‘The Butterfly Effect’ by Maureen Kelly-Fox

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