Artist: Marie Gordon 


Artwork Title: 'Say Hey'


Artwork Location: Lusk Main Street, Lusk, County Dublin. 

Artwork Description: My dad always used to say this phrase at the dinner table on Sundays  - as well as any day it was sunny. As a result now beach visits and sit down dinners always trigger it repeating in my head.  I only learned this year that it was from some advertising campaign in the 80s that I'd never heard of and not one of his own made up whims.  To me it's a sentence associated with the sea side and fun - just like ice creams remind us of sunny summers and sugar highs from our childhood.


Biography: I am illustrator from Bettystown, Ireland currently traveling in New Zealand - will be home to Ireland end of August 2018. I love to make hand lettering and illustrate light hearted, whimsical & silly scenes from day to day life or from memory.


Contact Artist: IG: mariehgordon/

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