Artist: María Castillo Viveros

Artwork Title: ‘I’ll be the wings that keep your Heart in the Clouds’ - (Girl)

Artwork Location: Inchicore Village, Dublin 12


Artwork Description: The balloons only have one life and the only way of ­finding out whether they work is to attempt to go around the world.


Biography: My name is Maria Castillo, from Mexico City, I’m 26 years old, I’m a graphic designer professional and an athlete, I’m part of the Mexican national team of ultimate Frisbee and Gravity Dublin club. My mother and my father are painters, so I always have been involved on the art media and I love it. I’m studying English in Dublin for get a scholarship for a master in textile graphic design.


Contact Artist: FB: maria.c.viveros

Additional Dublin Canvas artwork completed by artist:

‘I’ll be the wings that keep your Heart in the Clouds’ - (Boy) by María Castillo Viveros

'Deer Dance' by María Castillo Viveros

'Garden of Live Flowers' by María Castillo Viveros

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