Artist: Mairead Doyle     -    


Artwork Title: ‘Singing in the Rain’ 


Artwork Location: St. Bernadette's Church, Sundrive Road, Clogher Rd, Dublin 12  


Artwork Description: I like to see the magic in ordinary things, plus lately we’ve had a lot of rain! I decided to combine the two and my design is ‘singing in the rain’- inspired a little by the old movie but definitely not adhering to the story! In my picture the rain has created a wonderland where even the raindrops sing and dance and an umbrella’s could just fly a person away. I hope it brightens up a rainy day for someone passing by even occasionally! 

Biography: I am a scientist by profession and an artist for recreation and the beauty of both are important to me. I’ve painted murals previously which is the closest I’ve come to this type of artwork. 

Contact Artist: Not supplied

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