Artist: Mairead Doyle     -    


Artwork Title: 'Bee life!'


Artwork Location: Crumlin Road/Parnell Road, Dublin 12 


Artwork Description: This is intended as a fun piece but based on bee facts! My favourite bee fact is the dance moves they use to communicate the location of flowers to each other! Sometimes the facts in nature are surprisingly magical. I hope this artwork will appeal to children especially, that they will be able to tell the story of the life of bees in the hive from it. I’ve incorporated the ‘waggle dance’, the preparation of the honey, the baby bees and of course the queen! 


Biography: I am a scientist by profession and an artist for recreation and the beauty of both are important to me. I’ve painted murals previously which is the closest I’ve come to this type of artwork. 

Contact Artist: Not supplied

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