Artist: Lysette Golden 


Artwork Title: 'Prince Bowie'


Artwork Location: Kilmainham Village, South Circular Road, Dublin 8  


Artwork Description: This is a piece I designed last year after the death of Prince and Bowie. My friend had asked me to draw her a picture of Bowie and I suggested combining the two legends in one piece. The vibrant colours are to sync with their vibrant talent as artists. To do my best to represent their historically unique flare, I wanted this piece to be as eye-catching as their music is ear-catching. 


Biography: I love art although I did not attend art college, I feel that art is something that I feel a true connection with. I feel most comfortable in my skin whilst painting, truly at peace.  Anything I do, I always find my way back to art, particularly painting. Recently, I was properly introduced to spray paint by a wonderful creative human and I fell in love, mainly because you can work so fast with this medium, and I find I'm a fast painter. I have done numerous wall murals and my own paintings, but it's taken a while to get comfortable displaying it publicity. I feel my art is definitely a display of my soul, so it can feel quite naked at times, but I absolutely love it. 


Contact Artist: IG: frog_of_reassurance

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