Artist: Larissa Tamayoshi

Artwork Title: ‘Standpoint’

Artwork Location: Merrion Street Upper, Dublin 2


Artwork Description: "Standpoint" reflects the Surrealism Movement, my favourite artistic cultural movement. The main principles of the movement declared: lack of logic, adopting a "wonderful" reality (higher), exaltation of the freedom of creation, among others. We can see this current artistic work is full of humour, dreams and utopias. I developed my project based on the main principles of the movement and two quotes by one of the precursor Spanish filmmakers Luis Buñuel: “A paranoiac like a poet, is born, not made" and "Mystery is the essential element of every work of art”. My goal is to make this project a window to the Surrealism Movement and add a little colour to the streets of Dublin.


Biography:  BA in graphic design, emphasis on typography. High grades in: brand management, laws and ethics, advertising copywriting, economic concepts, market research, graphic design concepts. Art director for 5 years, responsible for the brand management of the company, layout creation, photo treatment, package design, flyers, magazines, catalogues, visual identity, printed materials, and website visual conception. Working as a freelance graphic designer and Illustrator.


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