Artist: Kyla Tomlinson)


Artwork Title: "Weeeeeeeeee!!!!"


Artwork Location: Artane Roundabout, Artane, Dublin 5.


Artwork Description: In college, a group of us went on a lovely day trip.  On the way there, the buddy who was driving drove several several times round around about, joyfully exclaiming, "weeeeeeeeeeee" as we all went around (I guess you had to be there).  This incident was the inspiration for this piece.


Biography: I am a cartoonist, portrait artist and character animator based in Dublin.  As an animator, I have worked on several high-profile projects for CBBC, Warners Bros and Disney XD.  I have also exhibited my figure work throughout the UK and have twice featured on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year.  I will be showing at the UK's biggest comic Art Festival Thought Bubble in September and am taking part in Dublin's best Comic Art festival-DECAF this coming weekend.  I feckin love what I do!

Contact Artist: IG: allthingsthom/

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