Artist: Katie Reynolds


Artwork Title: ‘Fish out of Bowl’


Artwork Location: Watermill Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3


Artwork Description: ‘Fish out of Bowl’ I wanted to incorporate the idea of being in a new different place or habitat, that is why I have placed the fish in vibrant and colourful reeds and clear fresh water, and of course in Dublin City centre!

rather than its usual habitat of a fishbowl. It signifies stepping out of your comfort zone and

being somewhere new and exciting.


Biography: I am a19-year-old, art and design student from Drogheda, I am furthering my studies in NCAD in September, studying BA in Fine Art and Education. I have worked on a few smaller scale projects within in my local area, community projects and set design, painting and construction. I'm passionate about spreading positivity and creativity throughout modern day Ireland and I think Dublin Canvas is an amazing initiative, that I would love to be apart of!


Contact Artist: IG: katiee.reynolds/


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