Artist: Kat Ennis


Artwork Title: 'Conquered Tide'


Artwork Location: Conquer Hill, Clontarf Road, Dublin 3


Artwork Description: Conquered Tide is a piece of artwork that I hope portrays a part of Dublin that for many is an area one comes to get away from the city, a place of bracing winds and solitude also, a place that many people see for the first time viewing from the ferries coming across the Irish Sea. I used to go and watch the ferries come in from the bull wall as a child, the pigeon towers were like an anchor pulling them in across the water, welcoming those on board.


Biography: I am an Irish Installation artist living just outside of Dublin. Having studied in ITSligo and receiving my Honors Degree in Fine Art, I am currently working on my portfolio to hopefully go on to do my masters next year. My work ranges from portraiture and line drawings into large-scale installation and graphic pieces. In addition to my practice, I also work with festivals, mainly as venue management staff for the likes of The Audi Dublin International Film Festival and seasonal

ticketing staff for others. Most recently I have made work for the Incognito show in aid of The Jack and Jill Foundation that took place in the Solomon Gallery this past April.


Contact Artist: FB: /kathleen.ennis.3

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