Artist: Jordana Gomez & Rodrigo Alonso

Artwork Title: 'Feelings for the non-given kisses'


Artwork Location: Tara Street, Dublin 2


Artwork Description: In some countries, is a tradition to say hello with 2 kisses (even 3!), but here, is one or none. Kisses are free and an underrated gesture that can buy you a lot of feelings, not necessarily just love. We want to bring one of the best things of the Spanish culture, the kisses, here to demonstrate that so simple gesture can get you a lot of feelings. For that we are using metaphorically real feelings or reactions to those kisses as products you can usually find in a real vending machine. For that purpose, we used wordplay of real products or brands. As payment: kisses. Another of the ideas behind the design is to get people to photograph themselves kissing the machine and uploading those photos to the social media to spread the message. Finally, we used items of the Dubliner culture for the ads on the side: an Oscar Wilde looking for a roommate (even Oscar Wilde needs a roommate to pay the high rents right now in Dublin!), a trip to Bruges organized by two not very recommendable hitmen’s (Movie "In Bruges", 2008) and the famous ad in the newspaper as in the movie and book: The Commitments.


Biography:  We are a creative (web developer and graphic designer) Spanish couple living and loving Dublin.


Contact Artist: Not Supplied

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