Artist: Joanne Harold


Artwork Title: ‘Peeping from the Primulas’


Artwork Location: Botanic Avenue/ St.Mobhi Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 5


Artwork Description: This inquisitive squirrel pokes his head up from a bed of flowers, staring out into the city that surrounds his beautiful home. He is one of the many squirrels that inhabit the Botanic Gardens, a natural niche tucked into an urban setting. "Peeping from the Primulas" looks to highlight this relationship between nature and city life by featuring the flora and fauna of the gardens on a lifeless man-made object. 


Biography: I am an artist who loves to experiment with a variety of styles and mediums, though pointillism has always been a favoured approach to my work. 


Contact Artist: FB: joanneharoldartist   IG: joanneharoldartist

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