Artist: Javier Pazos a.k.a. Takeru Noname 


Artwork Title: ‘Monicreques’ (It’s a Galician word that means Puppets)

Artwork Location: Rafters Road, Crumlin Road, Drimnagh


Artwork Description: As the boxes are meant to control the traffics lights, the puppets represent people waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. People with different personalities, moods and colors living together in a big city, like Dublin. I would like to paint this box in an area where children pass by, like near a school or a park, because they like colorful characters. Although not fully completed, the artwork attached illustrates my intention. If I end being selected I would probably adjust the artwork by changing some characters in order to express more happiness. 


Biography: I am a Spanish freelance graphic designer from Galicia. As my girlfriend is now living in Dublin, I am partially living between Spain and Dublin. I studied Graphic Design in the Bau School of Design in Barcelona and I work mostly in editorial design, but I love Illustration. I had already painted large murals in Spain. I love painting outdoor and your project seems to be an exciting opportunity to me. 


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