Artist: Hugh Madden


Artwork Title: 'Smock Alley'


Located: Wood Quay, Dublin 2


Artwork Description: The Smock Alley Theatre is a theatre in Dublin. The original theatre opened in 1662 and operated till 1787.


Biography: My name is Hugh Madden. Originally from Cork, I have been working as a barrister and artist in Dublin for the last 6 years. My art style varies although at present I am experimenting with cartoons, comics and French bande-desinnee. My submissions reflect my interest in the History of Dublin and the themes we can use for today; ideals of loyalty, friendship, love and adventure.


Contact Artist: FB: hughmaddenart


Additional Dublin Canvas artwork completed by artist:


'Viking Holiday'' by Hugh Madden


'Pints & Poets' by Hugh Madden


'Robert Curran & Sarah Curran' by Hugh Madden


'The Sheares Brothers' by Hugh Madden


'Fishamble Street' by Hugh Madden

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