Artist: Hugh Madden


Artwork Title: 'The Sheares Brothers'

Artwork Located: Fitzwilliam Street/Baggot Street, Dublin 2

Artwork Description: The Sheares were brothers who were executed for High Treason for being leaders of the 1798 Rebellion. The Front Panel shows the brothers deciding to fight for their ideals at the risk of sacrificing wealth, family and home. The Side Panels shows Captain Armstrong; a friend who spied on and betrayed them, and Leonard McNally; their legal counsel who took bribes to lose their case. 

Biography: My name is Hugh Madden. Originally from Cork, I have been working as a barrister and artist in Dublin for the last 6 years. My art style varies although at present I am experimenting with cartoons, comics and French bande-desinnee. My submissions reflect my interest in the History of Dublin and the themes we can use for today; ideals of loyalty, friendship, love and adventure.


Contact Artist: FB: hughmaddenart

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