Artist: Fink


Artwork Title: 'Tis Herself'

Artwork Location: Ranelagh Main Street, Dublin 6

Artwork Description: Maureen O'Hara was born & raised in Ranelagh & so I find it only fitting & appropriate that I pay tribute to the legend that is Maureen O'Hara but in a modern graphical style & manner. She was the leading Irish Hollywood starlet & actor of the silver screen & has played such a resounding role on the big screen that I would like to acknowledge her achievements through my art on a traffic signal box in Ranelagh.


Biography: Fink is a street artist from Dublin & has been creating street art & urban art for nearly 15 years. He has curated many street art exhibitions & demonstrations/live painting events over that time. 


Contact Artist:   FB: Fnkart52

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