Artist: Felipe Schuinsekel Müller

Artwork Title: ‘Be Careful What You're Looking At!’


Artwork Location: John Street North, Dublin 7


Artwork Description: My inspiration comes from the surroundings of Dublin City. I come across daily with walls, people, plants, animals and canals. Each element gives me shelter and capacity to observe and feel everything around me. I am always trying to notice and register everything that I find significant. My designs represent these elements, expressing the fish and the eyes that symbolize my signature’s work, a kind of shamrock representing the best things that we are able to see and the thorns representing the bad things that we have to always be aware and watch out every day.


Biography: I am a Brazilian student. I am 35 years old and I have always loved arts, ever since I was a child, constantly drawing and expressing myself.I started painting and expressing my feelings in my bedroom walls, my telephone, my skateboard and surfboard, my books, my clothes, etc.  That way, my own stuff ended up being my own canvas, and I loved that. After a few years, my dream became reality. I had a great opportunity to paint walls around the city and got to know different people and different places, things that I never imagined it could happen. Right now, I am still doing my art, especially on canvas, filling up my papers and my sketchbook with ideas.

Although, I really want to come back to the streets and put out there my creativity and inspirations. I am looking forward to the chance of painting a box to contribute to the project and continue making Dublin a beautiful and artistic place.


Contact Artist:  FB: felipe.muller

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