Artist:​ Éidín Moyne


Artwork Title:​ 'Iasc / West'


Artwork Location:​ Old Market Green/Dublin Street, Balbriggan, North County Dublin


Artwork Description:​ The aim of this piece is to mix our society’s love for flashy art, and our cultural connection to the sea. I mixed the two together so that we may stay connected to our old and new culture in our daily lives. I would like the artwork to be seen along the Dublin coast so that it may bring joy to those who pass it.


Biography:​ I am an Irish artist from Malahide, Dublin. I have a degree in Design for Stage and Screen from the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design, and Technology. When I’m not on film sets, the sea is my favourite place to be, and is very dear to my heart. The sea will always have a large influence on my artwork.


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