Artist: Ed Gar (Ed-Case)


Artwork Title: 'Fishing Season'


Artwork Location: Rathfarnham Village,


Artwork Description: I grew up on the banks of the Dodder river, in the summer time this is a very vibrant and colourful place. Within my design I wanted to capture this vibrancy and also the beauty of the dodder river, the parks along it and the surrounding nature. This is a dedication to the Grey Heron and one of my favourite places.


Artist Biography: I am an Amateur Artist from Dublin persuing my dream of becoming professional, being able to support myself doing what I love to do. I have completed a few commissions most of them customising objects such as guitars and skateboards. I love to paint on objects rather than a piece of paper or a canvas.


Contact Artist: IG: edcase_art/

Additional Dublin Canvas artwork completed by artist:

'Urban Forest' by Ed Gar (2018)

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