Artist: David Flynn

Artwork Title: ’Return of the Usher’


Artwork Location: Tara Street, Dublin 2

Artwork Description: My piece is inspired by Vincent Browne’s 1988 sculpture of a cinema usher, ‘’Mr. Screen’’, who used to be located outside the Screen Cinema on Hawkins Street around the corner from the box location (185). This statue was a much loved piece of artwork on the cityscape and I think it would be a fitting tribute to bring him back to the area even if in 2d. Hopefully viewers would appreciate my humorous take on the ‘’Return of the Usher’’ mirroring the famous Star Wars Movie ‘’Return of the Jedi’’, his torch bears a resemblance to a light saber, an iconic prop used in the films.


Biography: I am an artist originally from Mayo, I studied 3d Design for film and theatre in IADT Dun Laoghaire. I have been working in film and television in Ireland for the past 7 years, taking part in many festivals and events in Dublin. I also live in the Dublin Docklands. My work is quite quirky and characterised in general, and I like using friendly themes and strong colours.


Contact Artist:    FB: the.Props.Factory/

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