Artist: David Byrne

Artwork Title: 'Two for Joy'


Artwork Location: Opposite Lord Mayors Bar, Main Street, Swords, Dublin.


Artwork Description: The design is based on the superstition, of when you see 2 magpies, it brings you joy. I wanted to create something that would maybe spread a little cheer, or lighten someones mood, and I believe most people who see it will still relate to what the 2 magpies signify. I'd also like to add that I only found out about this open call last night, so I feel my design is not up to the standard that I could paint it, particularly the background design. I have included a painting of similar designs, to show how it could look.


Biography: I'm 33, and I am a self taught artist, from Carlow. I primarily paint in oils, but have recently returned to college to study architecture.


Contact Artist:IG: dbyrne_art

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