Artist: Danielle Townsend

Artwork Title: ‘Errors are for Discovery’

Artwork Location: Beresford Place, Dublin 1

Artwork Description: The quote is taken from our most infamous author James Joyce, who wrote about Dublin’s Quays frequently. The box overlooks the junction of Memorial Road & Talbot Bridge which honours Matt Talbot who made errors in his life but was able to inspire many to make positive changes in theirs. This quote is fitting in that it aims to inspire people to overcome their own personal ‘errors’ to discover their strengths. The modern typeface has been created for this piece to reference modern Dublin. The thick connecting stroke mimics those simple childhood toys that popped out from plastic frames to ‘make’ all sorts of creations. This attempts to communicate how we can ‘make’ changes in our life after we have made errors. Finally, the triangle represents the many directions we can take in life.

Biography:  Danielle Townsend is a designer, typographer and educator based in Dublin. She is involved in all things creative and has been running Danielle Townsend Design since 2009. As part of her practice she works with a variety of clients and teaches design where she tries to instil the idea that creativity is never perfect but must be at least tested. Try it is her motto!

Contact Artist:       TW: DTownsendDesign        B: DanielleTownsend

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