Artist: Clare O'Connor

Artwork Title: 'Snakes and Ladders'

Artwork Location: Inishfallen Parade/Dorset Street, Dublin 3

Artwork Description: My work is process based and aims to uplift the viewer. I like to work organically, and I juxtapose organic forms like splashes, dripped paint, painterly mark making with pattern and organized forms, strips, block shapes and collage. The result is an dynamic eclectic mix which creates a vibrant surface energy of colour, positivity and fun. 

Biography: Clare O’Connor is an Irish Artist and Designer. A graduate of IADT with a BDES in Design Communications and a BA in Visual Arts Practice, she has worked with prominent artists across Berlin and Venice, where she developed her playful and experimentalise painting style. Her approach layers and fuses bold, bright colour with contrasting stripes and energetic mark making.She has just launched a brand of luxury scarves based on her abstract studio practice.

Contact Artist: IG: clareoconnor_artist 

Additional Dublin Canvas artwork completed by artist:

'Moxie' by Clare O'Conner (2018) 

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