Artist: Claire O'Hagan


Artwork Title: 'Awe'


Artwork Location: Castle Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin 3


Artwork Description: 'Awe' shows humanity united in a state of wonder when contemplating our place in the universe. I would love to paint this artwork along the Clontarf Rd, where stargazer groups gather to watch the skies. I hope that it provokes a feeling of connectedness between strangers by reminding people that we are all primarily citizens of Earth.


Biography: I am a young Irish artist just breaking into the world of illustration. My work is being exhibited in Filmbase in Temple Bar as part of Adrienne Geoghagan's Illustration Bootcamp. I am working as an English Language teacher to support myself as I pursue my passion. My main artistic interests are focused on feminism, cross-cultural human connection, and self-worth/self-esteem building.


Contact Artist: IG: claireohaganart/

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