Artist: Chris Craig

Artwork Title: ‘Bouncing Brad’

Artwork Location: Sandymount Strand, Dublin 4

Artwork Description: The image depicts a pigeon is chasing the piece of bread and that red line running behind the bread is a line of action, this line of action is what the basis of all animation begins with, I've chosen to do this because of Ireland's booming animation success and myself being an animation student in Ballyfermot college.

Ireland has a rich history in animation from the success of Sullivan Bluth studios in the 80's right up to the present where Cartoon Saloon studio's most recent film ''Song of the sea'' was nominated for an Oscar. The pigeon fits perfectly because Dublin is filled with many pigeons and everyone can relate to seeing a pigeon chasing a piece of bread right up to risking its life for it.


Biography: Student animator studying in Ballyfermot. I'm going into my final year in  Animation and Visual Media Degree


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'Lucky Cookie' By Chris Craig

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