Artist: Bridget Ni Dhuinn Belcher


Artwork Title: ‘The City Fox’


Artwork Location: Bolton Street, Dublin 1


Artwork Description: Being originally from the countryside foxes have always been a common sight for me. When I first moved to Dublin I couldn't get over the amount of foxes everywhere. I was so used to seeing them in the fields and amongst nature that I couldn't get used to their appearance roaming through the streets of Dublin. At first it made me sad to see such a beautiful animal away from its natural habitat but at the same time isn't it fascinating to see an animal adapt and evolve to suit a whole new type of environment? As a result, I’ve dedicated my design to the City Foxes. In hope that people may appreciate the beautiful animal that shares Dublin City with us.


Biography: Originally from Kilkenny I'm a 21-year-old student in IADT Dun Laoghaire currently in my 3rd year of Design for Stage and Screen - Production Design. I love getting involved in anything artistic and putting myself out there.


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