Artist: Beatrice Bencivenni

Artwork Title: ‘There should be…’

Artwork Location: Lincoln PL/Westland Row, Dublin 2

Artwork Description: My work was inspired by the imaginative worlds created by Jules Verne during his prolific life mixed with the words from Maurice Sendak. Imagination takes over reality to give it new energy and a different shade of colour.

Biography: Born on a snowy day of many years ago in Italy, among fog Trolls and oddly shaped animals, it took her a while to understand that not everybody saw clouds the same way she did. And if you ask me, that's probably why she started drawing. Things got serious between a degree at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts and one at the Nemo Academy in Florence (she also got a scholarship, yei!). And so there she is, bend on drawing papers, her nose a few millimetres away from the top of the blue pencil and her head lost in some Pindaric flights, amongst monsters and dragons. If you'd like to follow her on her journey, I don't think she'll complain about it. Meanwhile, you can find her in Dublin, carefully look among the squirrels. She is the one without a tail.

Contact Artist:  FB: blue.havery  IG: beasketch

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