Artist:​ Anne Marie McGrane

Artwork Title: ​‘Getting the Messages’


Artwork Location:​ Ballyfermot Road, Dublin 10

Artwork Description:​ I know this area of Ballyfermot very well, it’s smack bang in the middle of primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, the youth centre, swimming pool, the library, the supermarket and local shops....basically every place a child needs/wants to go. At any time of the day you can walk along there and see mothers, fathers, grandparents and child-minders wrangling groups of kids to and from their activities. The area is teeming with children and young people and quite chaotic at times. 


Biography:​ I’m an Irish artist living and working in Ballyfermot... I grew up there too, I would be absolutely delighted to paint a box there. I have a Degree in Fine Art and a hDip in Community Arts Education. I worked for over a decade as a Community Arts Facilitator but since 2017 I am working for myself, painting portraits of children and pets. You can see my portrait work here I also work at illustration from time to time and it’s something I hope to get more involved with in the future.


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'Patience is a Virtue' by Anne Marie McGrane

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