Artist: Andrew McCarthy


Artwork Title: ‘Safe Home’


Artwork Location: The Oval – Palmerstown, Dublin 14

Artwork Description: I have tried to create this piece to be very area specific. Having been a past pupil(a long time ago) in primary school, I always remember the walks home in my old snorkel jacket and heavy schoolbag. Days which looking back were so much simpler. Still living in the area today I know the track can sometimes get very heavy there being the last set of lights before the N4 opens up, so I have also tried to capture that in the overall meaning. The boy is walking in the same direction as the track and the ‘SlánAbhaile’ is basically trying to wish everyone on this journey the get home safe.


Biography: I am currently working as a Graphic Designer for Freeney's Graphics, my bread and butter is Vehicle/wall graphics which I love doing. I have designed many sets of vehicles which can be seen driving around Dublin on any given day. Having always drawn and painted from a very early age, it is something which I take great pleasure in. I am currently working on a selection of original works and hope to launch my own website by the end of the summer.


Contact Artist: IG: - AndyMc/VisualArt -

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