Artist: Alison Watson


Artwork Title: “AAAAAAARRRRGH!”


Artwork Location: Ellis Quay, Dublin 1


Artwork Description: As this box is right on the quays, it seemed fitting to revive some not too scary Viking chums, in a modern colour palette with a vibrant welcome to all new friends, while brandishing swords to defend against future foes. Perched on an abstract map of the city rendered in a patchwork of rainbow colours, a fitting nod to history with a modern twist, I hope.


Biography: I’m a graphic designer who has lived on Wattling street for 17 years so an opportunity to do something to add to the regeneration of my area would be great. I am currently taking an illustration course with Adrienne Geoghegan and will be exhibited in Filmbase in June in a group exhibition. I have previously taken a children’s book illustration course with the London College of Art and have worked as a graphic designer for 22 years (obviously I was a child prodigy!) I am half of a print and design duo based in Dublin 8, so by day I design brochures, logos, exhibition graphics and vehicles and by night I exercise my passion for illustration, I’m incredibly lucky that I get to do something I love.


Contact Artist:  TW:@smart_imaging IG: alis0nwats0n/


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