Artist: Alessandra Ravida

Artwork Title: ‘Still on the Yellow Brick Road’


Artwork Location: Swords Road/Collins Road Junction, Dublin 9


Artwork Description: A black and white photo of Dublin everyday-life is mixed with coloured imaginary elements, evoking the movie "The Wizard of Oz". The artwork suggests that Dorothy is back at home and has lived a long life and now, at an old age, she still walks on her path, on the yellow brick road, in her red shiny shoes. Dorothy is on a lifelong quest and the future is still ahead. Hopes and dreams don't end at old ages.

Biography:  For many years I defined myself as a `Creative Scientist’, striking a balance between my love for science, art and design by working full time as a research scientist and fulfilling my artistic inclinations in my spare time. Recently, I am pursuing a formal education in Graphic Design. I am graduating with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication from the University of South Wales in June (results pending), after that, I'll follow my yellow brick road...


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‘Everything has changed. Nothing has changed’ by Alessandra Ravida


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